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Where is the DECT market going ?  
Which are the suppliers to team with ? What strategies are appropriate for the different players ?
Where is the geographical and sector growth opportunity ?

600 pages & 140 exhibits of detailed information & analysis - can you afford to be without it ?
Comprehensive industry status - for established players, new entrants & analysts - threats & opportunities

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Executive Summary
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A comprehensive and timely review of the industry, with strategic analysis and an assessment of new product and market development, threats and opportunities, including the impact of VoIP, Bluetooth and WiFi, this report contains comprehensive information and insights provided through long-standing industry involvement and experience, secondary research, and direct interaction with members of the global DECTweb online community, industry experts, manufacturers and the DECT Forum.

The DECT Industry Report begins by reviewing the acceptance of DECT around the world, together with the role played by the industry body, the DECT Forum. It then explores the various DECT markets and the steps that may be taken to grow and extend the markets, both in terms of products and geography. It contains a review of the technology and standards base, product conformance and IPR issues. Annexes provide information on both major and minor industry players across the value chain, other wireless technologies and detailed information on the recent FCC ruling which allows standard 1.9 GHz DECT in the USA.


Availability:           Now Available - Place your Order Now
Pages:                    Over 600 pages
Exhibits:                 140 exhibits
Pricing Options:     Single User License                            1650  
                                Multi-User License (up to 5 users)      2950  
                                Unlimited Corporate Wide License     4950  
Format                    Electronic version (pdf) with bookmark links & keyword searchable, 
& Package:             delivered on CD-ROM in DVD case,  with hard copy Content Booklet,
                                 providing a detailed guide to the report
Payment:                 Several options - Bank Transfer (Company or Personal a/c), or by Cheque
Delivery:                 Worldwide - usually with 5 days, dispatched on receipt of order


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